Having a Dabble at Whitewater Rafting

Here at Nelson Whitewater Rafting Co. we get to play on the water all summer long. So we make sure to keep you updated on all the things we see and do out there. But occasionally our guests put together their thoughts on what it’s like to come rafting with us.

Sam Hergott is the author of the Kootenay based blog, Just Dabbling Along. As a self described ‘dabbler’, Sam recently had a dabble at whitewater rafting, bringing her family along on our Facchina Rapids tour. Sam recounted the adventure and her impressions of the day in her latest blog post, Family Adventure With The Nelson Whitewater Rafting Co.‘ including a ton of photos from their trip.

“We had a very enjoyable time floating on the beautiful river, enjoying the gorgeous day and chatting with our funny and amiable guide Jerome…We came around a bend in the river and all of a sudden we could hear what sounded like a waterfall. We were about to experience the Facchina Rapids whitewater!”

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