That’s a Wrap

And  just like that summer 2019 has come and gone. But this wasn’t just any summer, this was our 10th year running Nelson Whitewater Rafting Co.  We are incredibly  grateful to have made it here. We couldn’t have done it without the excellent staff and guides who have worked with us over the years and we really enjoyed showcasing them and their awesomeness on our social media pages, and

They are the true backbones of NWRC. Working hard each day to ensure all of our guests had truly the best time, creating new memories with your friends and family alike. Which brings us to the next thing we are grateful for, You guys! our guests, our fellow rafters. Thank you all so much for joining us on the river, whether it was kayaking on the Salmo River years past, rafting the Facchina rapids, or coming down to the marina and heading out for a paddle. We loved being able to take you on an adventure  and showcasing our beautiful area at the same time. We hope you all loved it as much as we do and hope to see you again next year! Cheers to 10 Years of Rafting!